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Slade-Waggoner Counseling Services offers a variety of counseling services with the goal of providing renewed Peace, Strength, and Direction when life seems overwhelming.

A Free Sanity and Strength-preserving Tool for You:

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Due to the overwhelming demand for the knowledge in Don’t Let Their Crazy Make You Crazy, How to stay sane and strong when the narcissist in your life is trying to control or abuse you, in this podcast I will be discussing tools and strategies from the book. There are several individuals who have reached out to me who are in need of counseling or phone advice appointments, yet cannot afford it. Additionally, there are some persons who cannot purchase the book for fear of their controllers or abusers finding the material. I believe this knowledge needs to be made available to whomever may need it, thus the launch of the podcast.

Sanity and Strength-Building Tools


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