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Healthy Love Versus Unhealthy Love

Healthy Love Unhealthy Love

Reality-based Fantasy-based (hopeful denial)

Compliments each other Seeks to feel completed by the other

Finds a friend/acts like a friend Seeks a victim/creates a true victim

Sacrifices/surrenders power Demands sacrifice/takes power

Patient Impatient

Kind Rude

Forgiving Resentful

Doesn’t hold grudges/Works through issues Seeks revenge/quests for “fairness”

Creates growing trust/security Creates growing fear/powerlessness

Vulnerable Defensive

Allows for growth/change/uniqueness Pressed to conform and perform

Gentle Combative

Responsive Over-reactive or apathetic

Honest and transparent Deceitful and hiding

Desire to commit Fantasize about being free

Feels satisfied/content/joyful Feels restless/craving/stuck

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1 комментарий

Carol Compton
Carol Compton
30 июл. 2021 г.

Hey laurel. I am afew months out from a 3 year marriage to a covert narcisst. I am not in denial of what I have been through but am angry this person was not who he said he was. The disappointment is a painful reality...l am angry with this person

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