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The Eight A’s of an Apology

1. Admit:

Admit that you did the offending act or spoke the

offending words (ask for God’s revelation if need be if

nothing comes to mind).

2. Account:

Explain what you were thinking and/or what

you were trying to accomplish at the time.

3. Acknowledge the wrong:

Indicate that you are aware of

the pain, hurt, and/or inconvenience your sin has caused.

Also admit how you have sinned against God with your

words or actions.

4. Apologize:

Say that you are sorry that YOU caused the

offense and the hurt associated with it (accept


5. Ask for forgiveness:

“Will you please forgive me?” are 5

powerful and relationship-changing words.

6. Affirm the Relationship:

Indicate that the relationship

you have with the offended person is very important to


7. Amend:

Make an effort to ease his or her suffering in

some way (i.e. get him or her some ice if there is physical

pain to be dealt with or ask “what can I do to help you

feel better?”)

8. Adjust (Reflect):

State what you would have done

differently and will do differently so that you do not

repeat the mistake. Indicate the changes you will make to

prevent it from happening again.

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