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Chronic Indifference

Treating another with a lack of empathy; continuing a behavior or refusing to

engage in a behavior(s) that is important to another person; a disregard for

what is important to another person; saying change will happen but refusing to

behaviorally make the change(s); a continual disregard of another’s feelings; a

failure to attend to another’s needs.

Can lead to another experiencing:

Embitterment (pattern of FIGHT mode: arguing, nagging, protesting & complying)


Depression and/or Anxiety (pattern of FREEZE or FLEE mode: shutting down,

remaining silent, avoiding dealing with the issue)

Can lead to another experiencing:

Feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, and/or hopelessness

Lowered efficiency of the bodily systems (i.e. immune, digestive)

Vulnerability to physical ailments (i.e. headaches, stomachaches, fatigue,

muscular pains)

Foggy thinking due to pre-occupation of the circumstance

Desire to disconnect from the person engaging in the chronically

indifferent behavior(s)

Vulnerability to aggressive behaviors such as an affair or addictive


Chronic Indifference is destructive to others and to self and needs

to be stopped!

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