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It's one thing to have to deal with your spouse or ex-spouse’s narcissism. But what about when it⁠
hurts your kids?⁠

A narcissistic parent can harmfully affect your child’s view of you, themselves, God,⁠
and the world in general.Too often that narcissistic parent uses your child as a tool to hurt you, and⁠
their manipulation and abuse can have long-term consequences on your child’s development and⁠
future relationships.⁠

Unfortunately, children do not get to choose their parents, but they can learn how to have a healthy,⁠
productive relationship, even with a narcissistic parent.In this 14-day journey toward healing and⁠
wholeness, Laurel Slade-Waggoner helps you develop the tools and strategies you and your children need⁠ in order to be equipped to deal with a narcissistic parent, including practical ways to:⁠

• co-parent with a narcissist⁠


• build your child’s trust⁠


• neutralize narcissistic triangulation and smear ⁠campaigns against you⁠


• equip your children to resist narcissist bribery and other forms of manipulation⁠


• teach your children to be assertive, set boundaries, ⁠and ask for what they need⁠


• educate your children on healthy relating so they can ⁠recognize unhealthy relating⁠


• and much more⁠

As a former victim of narcissistic control and abuse, Laurel knows firsthand the challenges you face.      


As a licensed professional counselor and therapist, she has spent years developing and testing the tools and⁠ strategies in this book.⁠


So, what are you waiting for? Your journey of healing for your family starts here.⁠



Don't Let Their Crazy make Your Kids Crazy -eBook

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