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Don’t Let Their Crazy Make You Crazy is a Christ-centered, 30-Day, skill-based journey that can assist you in the pursuit of maintaining your sanity and preserving your strength when you have a narcissistic controller or abuser in your life.  And who will be in your life for years to come. Through your reading, you will learn to:


▪️ Get unstuck from believing his or her toxic lies and behaving out of such lies


▪️ Understand narcissism, narcissistic weaponry, and your specific narcissistic controller or abuser in particular


▪️ Assemble your resources and prepare yourself for interacting with your narcissistic controller or  abuser


▪️ Learn skills to stay calm and resist engaging in his or her crazy


▪️ Communicate effectively with your narcissistic controller or abuser


This book provides the skills necessary for experiencing freedom from the cyclical craziness. For attaining life-long transformation. And enjoying Redemption of all that has been taken from you through the control or abuse you
have suffered. Or are suffering.


Don't Let Their Crazy Make You Crazy -ebook

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